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stainless steel roller conveyor
screw conveyor, also known as screw machine, screw conveyor line, is a kind of continuous conveying equipment widely used in metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, food and mechanical processing and other departments. it has the advantages of good performance, stable and reliable operation, safe operation and easy maintenance.
· screw conveyor body structure material: carbon steel paint and stainless steel.
· the total length of the number of turns of the screw conveyor: carbon steel bottom chain 60 meters, stainless steel bottom chain 48 meters.
· conveying width of screw conveyor: 200mm, 300mm, 400mm, 600mm.
· the lifting height of the screw conveyor: a single drive can be up to 6 meters, but according to the actual carrying speed and load, it must be combined with the total length of the conveying circle.
· suitable industries: beverages, beer, cigarettes, postal services, newspapers, printing, food, pharmaceuticals, logistics, electronics and other industries.
· screw conveyor (one motor) maximum load: carbon steel bottom chain < 750kg
· stainless steel bottom chain < 600kg
model conveying width diameter maximum lift height
yy-lx-400-1300 400 1740mm 6500mm
yy-lx-600-1500 600 2240mm 6500mm
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